The Challenges Of Finding Cheap Apartments In St Louis

Finding cheap apartments in St Louis can be a challenging task. The fact that the city has a very large population – it’s the 2nd largest city in the US state of Missouri – means that there is lots of competition for the best apartments. Furthermore, new people are arriving in the city every day looking for better job opportunities and a better standard of living. This means you have to be prepared to stick it out if you want to find a cheap apartment that is habitable.

This brings us on to our next point which is when it comes to renting a cheap apartment, you have to remember that the majority of them are not going to be very pleasant to live in. Landlords don’t offer cheap rental rates for no reason. Often you will have to put up with moldy walls, high local crime rates, noisy neighbors and poorly maintained communal areas. However, if you search hard enough and are prepared to make some compromises, you can find a place that has affordable monthly rent and a pleasant interior.

One of the main things you will have to compromise on when it comes to finding cheap apartments in St Louis is location. You obviously can’t expect to live in a place situated right in the heart of the city’s action when you have a limited budget. Even those who are okay with getting a roommate will struggle to afford the rent on units located in the city center.

You will also have to look for apartments that are further away from public transport links and amenities. If you are fine with a longer walk to the nearest bus stop or Metrolink station, you can save a lot of money on rent payments.

One of the fastest ways to find an affordable place to live in St Louis is to conduct an online search for the phrase “best cheap apartments in St Louis”. You will then be able to find the websites of lettings agents in the city who specialize in low-budget rentals. The last thing you want to do is waste time contacting agents who are expecting clients who have $5000+ monthly rent budgets. Remember, you are not looking for a luxury serviced apartment, you are looking for a budget condo or studio apartment in the city. Be honest about your exceptions and you should be able to find a safe place to live in no time.